Friday, November 13, 2009

Banning of the Incandescent light bulb

The Incandescent light bulb
It hasn't changed a lot in the 13 or so decades since Edison introduced the long lasting bulb. But in this day and age the incandescent bulb is obsolete and a huge waste. It'll take up to 25 incandescent light bulbs to reach the average life expectancy of a compact fluorescent light(CFL).

Incandescent light bulbs waste energy. Think your saving money buying cheap cheap incandescent bulbs think again. Over the course of 8k hrs, a little under a year of illumination, the incandescent light bulb would cost you $48.00, while a compact fluorescent would cost you only $11.20. Just think how much you'd save if they were LED. Incandescent light bulbs waste 80% of there energy due to heat while the other 20% is for light. As where LEDs and CFLs create little to no heat so we don't have to worry about burnt finger tips.

Here In America we should ban the incandescent light bulb, because we could save so much more energy for the important things like our electrical plants as well as decrease Co2 emissions for mother nature. We would also save a significant amount of cash on our bills.

Brazil and Venezuela began phasing out the incandescent light bulb over three years ago. While many other nations are scheduled such as Australia, Ireland and Switzerland.
Soon Every Incandescent bulb will taken off every shelf in every store

We should all try switching to CFLs & LEDs here in America and we all could save tons.

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